Huawei and 5G networks

UK government is rethinking allowing CCP controlled Huawei from being involved in its 5G networks. Originally Huawei was going to be permitted to a portion of its 5G networks – and none that were in sensitive locations. reports as of […]

Alternatives to Google Apps?

These days just about everyone has a Google / Gmail account, especially true for anyone that uses an Android phone. We also know by now – or I would HOPE we all know that Google has zero respect for privacy […]

Android Users Beware: These Top Camera Apps May Secretly Be Spying On You Here we go again—please don’t install trivial apps from random developers because they seem fun and have tons of downloads on the Play Store. The latest warning has come from the research team at CyberNews, exposing “camera apps with billions […]

U.S. Government Confirms Critical Browser Zero-Day Security Warning For Windows Users It’s been a lousy week for Windows users: first, the NSA curveball crypto vulnerability and now confirmation of a zero-day vulnerability that’s being actively exploited with no fix yet. Hot on the heels of National Security Agency (NSA) and […]

How to do 365 MFA The Right Way Office 365 Multifactor Authentication Done Right Why the ubiquitous nature of Office 365 poses unique challenges for MFA-based security and how organizations can protect themselves. Attacks like password spraying, brute force, and phishing have targeted Office 365 cloud users […]

Secure Your Remote Desktop Connection.

Desktop sharing software is a popular tool used by malicious cyber actors engaged in targeted social engineering attacks, as well as large scale, indiscriminate phishing campaigns. Corrupt insiders with vindictive and/or larcenous motivations can also use the software to victimize […]