Alternatives to Google Apps?

These days just about everyone has a Google / Gmail account, especially true for anyone that uses an Android phone. We also know by now – or I would HOPE we all know that Google has zero respect for privacy and are not shy about admitting that face. So what can we do about it? What’s the alternative?

For email, one of the best alternatives is to use ProtonMail for email – – You can check out their security details here: They have free accounts as well as paid plans that offer more options if needed.

Calendaring – ProtonMail also offers a Calendar app that is fully encrypted, although it is not free. Details can be found here:

Cloud Storage – MEGA is my favorite – for secure storage. The free version gives you 15GB and there’s apps for Android, iOS, and a desktop sync tool, along with secure chat and file sharing. You can invite friends to get more storage, or upgrade to a paid plan that is very economical to get some of your privacy back.

Remember, if you get a product or service for free – YOU are the product or service being sold.

Please comment with any suggestions for other good google alternatives.

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