North Shore Computer Services

Data & Privacy Protection Specialists

Guarding your privacy and protecting your data securely may seem impossible today.
Many Americans have given up on expecting our on-line communications and personal information to be protected against eavesdropping by government as well as technology companies.

We have spent much time researching & testing different platforms for secure email, text messaging, web browsing, cloud storage, and virtual meetings and can work with you to also secure your data and on-line life.

Some important areas where North Shore Computer Services can work with you to help make your on-line life as secure and private as possible:

Many of these can be done remotely to limit the need for in person interaction during this time. If a house call is needed, we serve the Lake County / Northern Cook County areas of Illinois.

  • Secure your email communications
  • Enable 2FA / MFA on all your accounts that support it
  • Implement a password keeper to manage all your logins - this allows you to have more complex and unique passwords for all your accounts
  • Utilize cloud storage while maintaining privacy
  • Reclaim your on-line anonymity with browser and VPN utilization on all your devices
  • Conduct virtual meetings without 'Big Brother' monitoring your activities
  • Send & receive SMS / text messages, voice, and calls securely - No ads, no marketers, and no tracking
  • Reliably backup your data from all your devices to protect you against data loss
  • Preventative & Repair Services To Keep Your Computers Operating Optimally

  • Browse the Internet Privately and Securely

  • Safely & Securely Store Your Data In The Cloud

  • Have A Proper Backup Plan For All Your Critical Data